Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Blood Approves Series by Amanda Hocking

Ahhhh, In true Twilighty fashion it's another Vampire story & yes, I'm a sucker & fell absolutely IN LOVE with it! Alice "accidently" meets Jack & changes her life as well as the life of her brother & Jacks entire family. Action, drama & a deep fated love all entwine these characters & keep you spellbound from the first book to the last.

Each book just gets better & better. Despite the many grammatical errors & just plain old typos I ABSOLUTELY HAD to keep reading! Many other reviews have knocked the series as a "Twilight" wannabe however the storyline & the drama are much different yes, Vampires are involved & a love story but that's the end of the differences. This book brings you to a very dramatic choice that Alice has to make that alters everyone's existence in a very unexpected way.

  And with each book you think that FINALLY things will calm down! Um, NOT! This book takes us on the emotional roller coaster of Alice's love life as tough decisions need to be made which may hurt someone's feelings as well as may get her seriously hurt. The friend/mother that they've all come to depend on starts a serious downward spiral & we get to travel overseas to save someone that doesn't necessarily want to be saved.....and at what cost?

Travel to the Outback, again possibly hurting someones feelings. Murder & vigilante vampires?!!? I couldn't believe that this book was EVEN more exciting than the first three. I held my breathe through most of the book & sadly couldn't put it down! Work really got in the way of my reading time with this one. You'll see the amazing love & what it can really do in the heat of the shocked me, because I never saw it coming. I cried. It was amazing!

A fifth book was forthcoming but according to Amanda's blog "I do not know when Swear, the final book in the My Blood Approves series is coming out. But it won't be anytime soon." So VERY sad I know but in the meanwhile, you can check out....Letters to Elise. Amazing & a MUST read for any My Blood Approves fan.

Alice was NOT Peter's first love, here is the story of Peter & Elise and it explains a lot!

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