Monday, February 13, 2012

Camille Series by Tess Oliver

Wow! I had never really considered werewolves....the how & why of them & I thought for sure it would borenme to sleep! How about I couldnt put it down! Tragic love stories get to me & as I drank this book like a dehydrated person crawling from a desert you knew there was no hope yet, I kept reading! Tess Oliver is a superb weaver of intrigue & adventure! A definite read for anyone who loves paranormal stories!
Book # 2 in the Camille Series....Tess is a magic weaver of stories. A lot of the paranormal books have become very predictable. Not her books! I couldn't stop reading but I was also so nervous I desperately wanted to put the book down! You get to travel to Transylvania w/ Dr. B & the twins & tradgedy & drama start following them before they even set sail.....noone could have predicted how the journey would end....

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